We are a video production company specializing in aerial videography and photography. We are dedicated to making interesting and captivating videos.


Real Estate Home and Commercial

Whether selling a $500,000 home or a $5 million home our photos and videos will give potential buyers a view they can't get anywhere else.  Potential buyers may never need to visit your property in person.  Real estate agents can market our service to get additional clients.  Aerial footage can be photos or video and mixed with existing photos and videos or used to create a unique video from scratch.  Pricing is based on listing price, house square footage, and acreage.


Working with either the photographer or venue aerial photos and video will differentiate yourself as a top notch service above the rest. Photographers can use our service as an add on and a venue can create a video for their website.  Whether it is b roll of a venue or wedding specific the bride will take notice.  

Camps/Ski Slopes/Golf Courses

Offer a unique perspective that will bring people to your facility and showcase everything your grounds offer.  Mix photos and video together to create a video commercial for your website.  No other service can capture the breadth of your grounds.


Our Drone

Our Drone